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Esthefany Fraser "Teffy"


Hi, my name is Esthefany Fraser (Teffy).

I’m a holistic therapist on a mission to help you feel your best, both physically and mentally.


I was looking for help, just like you. I sought out various holistic therapies in search of healing and transformation. When I witnessed the incredible results firsthand, I knew I had to share these powerful tools with others. That’s why I decided to become a holistic therapist myself, specializing in the very therapies that had brought me such a profound transformation physically and mentally.


How I can help you ?

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1 on 1 Sessions

Access Bars® Sessions: Through the transformative power of Access Bars® and intuitive guidance, I will gently release energetic blockages, awaken your inner wisdom, and ignite your innate healing abilities.


Breathwork Sessions: Heal physical and emotional problems. Through guided breath techniques, you’ll unlock the body’s innate ability to heal, release trapped emotions, and restore balance.  Take a deep breath and take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

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Access Bars® Certification:

Unlock the power to create positive change in yourself and others.

In this class, you’ll learn the transformative techniques and principles of Access Bars® .


Whether you’re an aspiring healer or seeking to enhance your existing practice, this course is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge to make a difference. Become a certified Access Bars practitioner today. Reserve your spot in the upcoming class and unlock a world of possibilities.

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Money Energy: Break free from limiting beliefs . Learn powerful techniques to transform your relationship with money. Shift your mindset, and attract abundance effortlessly.

Breathwork for Physical and Emotional Healing: Unlock the power of your breath and experience profound healing, unlock the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Discover how conscious breathing can release tension, reduce stress, and promote emotional and physical well-being.


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Access Bars® is a holistic complementary therapy that activates the body’s innate ability to self-heal by gently touching 32 points on your head (aka bars).

The Bars are a series of points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.

Access Bars® is a relaxing treatment that have assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their life and body including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, health, weight, body image, sleep, money, sex, relationships, and so much more!



Find out what clients and facilitators think on this video about THE ACCESS BARS®

A life changing alternative therapy! 

Some compare the brain to a computer (full of files) and The Bars treatment to a disk defragmenter.

Having your Bars run, as it is commonly referred, you start to let go of everything that no longer serves you (similar to cleaning your spam files) and you will feel better.


Several doctors who are biofeedback experts have reported changes in their brain waves, transitioning from beta to much more relaxed theta waves in a one-hour session.

The Bars have an effect on the electrical function of the brain. Click the video to watch renowned neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin discuss what amazed him when he tested what happens in the brain after just one Access Bars® session!

Reasons to Book an Access Bars® Session


Experience Fast Results

You can feel the effects of Access Bars® therapy after just one session, feeling more relaxed and more capable of dealing with the stresses of daily life.

Also you will awaken your ability to self healing (Physically and Emotionally).


Enhance Your Mental Clarity

Access Bars® sessions can help you improve your mental clarity, your focus and productivity, helping you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Also it can help you improve your sleep quality, allowing you to wake up energized.


Experience Profound Changes

Access Bars® sessions can lead to a profound transformation, helping you to shed negative patterns, achieve inner peace and clarity, and unlock your full potential.

This promotes your body’s ability to fight off infections and illness.


Invest in Your Well-Being

When you book an Access Bars® session, you’re making an investment in your well-being. You’ll discover how to release your inner tension and develop healthy coping mechanisms that will serve you in every area of your life.

Benefits from Access Bars® Sessions on children

Access Bars® sessions can help children improve their behavior, irritability and sleep habits while promoting calmness and relaxation.


Children can enhance their creativity, concentration and imagination after Access Bars® sessions, which can positively impact their academic and social lives.

Access Bars® can help children improve their overall well-being, which can manifest in many positive ways, including better inmune system.

Happy Clients

Read what my clients have to say about their experience with the Access Bars® therapy

"Access Bars® has transformed my life! After just one session, I noticed significant changes in my mood, my energy levels, and my overall well-being.I am very glad that I trusted you. "
"Absolutely speechless with this therapy- I started because I was super stressed and frustrated and now, I go, and I am so relaxed that I fall asleep during the session. I have felt different in a good way! Ready to take on the day and anything that life brings! Finally, Esthefany is a great holistic therapist, I recommend her 100%! You won’t regret."
"Try and you wont regret it . Bars can transform your life. Access Bars® has helped me heal from past traumas and overcome my anxiety. I'm now living a happier, healthier life, and I'm so grateful for the transformation I've experienced."